Happiness Means Take Your Focus Off Pain, and The Struggles

Happiness means Take Your Focus Off Pain, and The Struggles and Choose to Live Joyfully

All humans have been brought up thinking that life involves suffering, hardships and pain, as this is the only way to learn and to achieve growth. The old age perception of ‘No Pain – No Gain’ is that we need to struggle to appreciate the values of life and we have to fight for something to be worthwhile. Life doesn’t have to be hard and difficult or to have pain, struggle and suffering, as this illusion is the acting out process of the hypnotic belief system and overlays of mass consciousness. Of course, you can grow and learn if you belief that struggle, misfortune and pain is the motivator to end your adversity, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Can you let go of limited and painful beliefs and myths that dis empower you? Are you daring to look at the other side of the coin and step into a life that is filled with joy and happiness in all weather conditions?

To address your issues, problems and challenges we can be brake them down into 4 main categories.

1. Take Your Focus Off Material World
2. Place Your Attention on Your I Am
3. Joy is a Top Level Choice
4. Choosing Joy

Let’s take a look at each individual category:

1. Take Your Focus Off Material World – Be willing to take your mental focus off the material world for that keeps you dwelling in the fears of the past and the illusionary drama games of lack. When you dwell upon what you haven’t got you are stating just that. When you identify with the outer lack, it will control you and it will keep you in a state of lack, which will increase with use and your lack will only grow fatter and bigger.


2. Place Your Attention on the I Am – Put your focus on who you are; be clear about who you are – the “I am that I am”, you are a creator – full stop! By placing your attention on the ‘I am’, you are getting out of the mind, because ‘the mind doesn’t know beyond what it knows’ other than past fears and lacks and limitations. Are you ready to allow your dormant intuitive divine self to begin to integrate and experience life, not for you, but with you? However, before you can integrate your total self, you have to make one of the top level choices for you to achieve the bottom level choices – the human wants, needs and desires.

How often have you said ‘All I want is to be happy, healthy and abundant – damn it’!

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3. Joy is a Top Level Choice – Why is joy a top level choice? Life cannot give you its gifts if you don’t choose the joy of living. If you don’t choose to see the gift within all of your experiences, you won’t feel the joy and when you are sad you won’t allow yourself to receive. When you are hurting you won’t choose to live with love and health, because you belittle and feel unworthy, so it brings in the lack of joy, happiness and abundance into your life. Joy brings love, it brings happiness and it brings abundance on all levels, because you choose to live fully, beyond the ‘just enough to survive’ scenario. You can only live fully when you accept, love and honor yourself and when you accept others as they are then it comes down to ‘accepting all things as they are’, which brings in joy and happiness and the abundance that you asked for.

4. Choosing Joy – When you choose joy, you will see the gift and the blessing within all experiences. When you see the joy, the gift or blessing in an unpleasant experience, it is not about being in denial, selfish or lacking compassion, it is about honoring your experiences. When you discover the gift within the experience, it not only brings the wisdom, understanding, acceptance and compassion from breaking through stuck barriers and limitations of having these experiences, but it brings the joy and the ‘wisdom of uncertainty’ that inspires and expands your consciousness. Joy is the gift, the blessing that you have given yourself. Inner joy extends to happiness that can only be achieved when you see the joy in all.

Each moment of the day decide how you want to feel, what you want to do, and choose what potentials may happen, because you are responsible for what you do and how you see things. Therefore, you can choose the feelings that you want to experience, and if you are not feeling that, its Time to Ask Yourself Why